Bullets on Sunday

  • It feels like the last day of vacation.
  • Being on strike and not working has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. I think back to April 22nd when we voted to strike, so many things going on then. I was 10 pounds under weight and depressed. Now I’ve started running again, workouts have been good, weight is back on and I am feeling pretty good. 
  • One thing I am thankful for about the strike is I was able to spend 4 weeks with Reece just hanging out every day. This has been our best summer together, I feel we have bonded more and have gotten closer as a father and son. It’s something money can’t buy.
  • Should be a interesting week of work, I only plan on working a full day tomorrow and leaving early all the other days.
  • Grocery store today, need to get food for lunches and bananas.
  • Should I start the banana pics again?
  • This will be Reece’s last week here and time goes by way to fast when he is here.
  • Saturday will be a sad day. 

About to vote. #strikebreak2012 #cheapsunglasses  (Taken with Instagram)

About to vote. #strikebreak2012 #cheapsunglasses (Taken with Instagram)

It’s Been A Humping Day

  • Anybody else’s kids stay up till 5am and sleep till 3-4? Reece is enjoying summer vacation.
  • We went and played pool this evening, Reece is getting really good. It all clicked during the second game. He used to get frustrated because he didn’t know how to hit the cue ball consistently. We had a lot of fun.
  • Told Reece we were going to the water park Saturday, first thing he said was “with kitten and fyreman?” Safe to say he digs the two of them.
  • I was watching the Savages previews, I think Blake Lively and Melissa could be twins.
  • Summer has officially hit Texas…got to love triple digits.
  • Tomorrow is the contract vote for work, should pass. That means early to bed Sunday night and 3am wake ups for the gym.Also looks like I’ll be running in the dark but also the coolest part of the day.
  • Thanks to everyone for the input on the running apps or watches they use, I think I am going to go with the Nike+ watch (I know big surprise)
  • Time is getting short with Reece only 9 days left. This has been our best summer together though…This is a treasure I will remember forever. 

Strikebreak 2012

It’s coming to an end, as in this should be the last week. 

The contract is up online and we meet Thursday at 11 to vote on it. 

The sad thing is the contract sucks, if this is what we were on strike for 10 weeks for we should’ve taken the first contract. I am actually numb right now and don’t know how to feel.

I am thankful I will be going back to work on Monday, it’ll be nice to have a paycheck again. I’m also thankful I had this time to spend with Reece…so there was a bright side. The other side is I will not go above and beyond again for this job, it’s a great paycheck now to me. 

Sunday Streaking

  • It’s clean sheet night!
  • Went to the pool with Kitten and Fyreman, it’s always entertaining when we all get together. Reece just sits back and soaks in everything we say. 
  • Next week is my 9 year anniversary for moving to Texas, can’t believe it’s been 9 years.
  • It’s nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel on the strike. 
  • Coopers BBQ for Dinner, you saw the wooden man.
  • I see strange things and want to take a picture with it or of it. Reece doesn’t have the same enthusiasm as I do but he humors me and lets me take his picture anyway.
  • I think I need to get Reece his own blog, he already has a name Nikefan45-2.0
  • Reece did tell me in the car that he hopes he gets to finish school in TN, he doesn’t want to move and have to make new friends. I have always told him he is welcome to live with me, he is old enough to choose where he wants to live. So hearing this today was kinda hard to hear but I understand his reasoning. He does so well in school I would never want to disrupt that.
  • When I drive in the car I like to sing to the songs, I notice Reece is singing with me now.
  • It’s going to suck when he goes home.
  • Time for ice-cream

Sunday Morning

  • Late last night the union and the company came to an agreement for a new contract. There are no details yet, just that we will get details and vote soon. Stay tune for updates.
  • Turned on my clock app last night to wake up early for the gym, one problem it was still set for 4AM from two weeks ago for Fyremans race. 
  • I didn’t get up at 4, I went back to bed. 
  • Woke up in a good mood then read something that made my mood okay. I hate that it does. 
  • Airport run was timed perfectly, I felt like George from Seinfeld. Took Kitten by to see the Fyreman on the way home, it”s so awesome to see two people in love and love each other so much.
  • I want love like that.
  • Now that the end is in sight for the strike I hope we don’t start until next Monday, another week off with Reece would be awesome! And it would be without stress of the strike.
  • Gym time.

Five on Friday

  1. Had a great run this morning, workout and then Zumba.
  2. This evening Reece and I will be going to “Rockers For Knockers” a concert to help breast cancer. Bowling For Soup will be there along with Forever the Sickest Kids, two great bands. If you are in the area I strongly suggest going.
  3. Finishing up week 9 of Strikebreak 2012, at least the union and company are talking now…hopefully a end is in sight.
  4. Reece and I will be joining Kitten and Fyreman for a 4th of July 5k
  5. Reece has 2 more weeks here with me and will be heading back home. We’ve had a great time so far, a lot to do in 2 weeks it’ll go way to fast. Then I will be looking forward to something else…can’t wait. 

Strikebreak2012 Update

So I just looked at the union webpage and they are meeting with the company and mediator on Wednesday. I think this is great news. 

If I would’ve known cashing out a IRA would’ve produced results this fast I would’ve done it weeks ago.

Monday Boxers

  • Strikebreak is entering it’s 9th week.
  • Just cashed out an IRA to help with funds, i’m sure now that I have done this, paid the penalty, fees and taxes that the strike will end…just one more thing to be irritated about this strike.
  • Had a good run this morning. I start out to fast, I’m supposed to start slow and get faster. All part of the learning process. 
  • After the gym went and looked at some running shoes…found some I like, guess I shall see.
  • Today’s activities will be billiards, movies, museum or long boarding. All are possible, just depends on when Reece wakes up. 

Picket Duty

So picket duty was an adventure today, almost got hit by another car. The way it works is we walk, one car leaves, we walk again and another car leaves…etc…Well this fuck was trying to sneak out behind another car so I jumped out in front of him and he hit the breaks, then I got to yell at him and we finished walking. The lady in the passenger seat was running her mouth the whole time, then she gave me a thumbs up being the little bitch she was so I gave her a big “fuck off bitch”. After that we called security and turned them in. I told security I’d be more then happy to settle this man to man, guess we will see what happens.