Weekend Roundup

Yesterday was my travel day so I didn’t have a chance to recap the weekend…it was also strange to be away from tumblr for 3 days, in some ways it was nice though.

• First off I love Mel’s new haircut. I love short hair and I think Mel realizes now just how much I do.

• Saturday morning we did some Mother’s Day shopping, had a lazy afternoon before heading down to the music festival.

• Mel said to bring shoes that I didn’t mind if they got muddy but I had know clue there would be that much mud. It’s just something you have to experience and now I have.

• Nice thing about music festivals is all of the people watching you get to do. I think Mel and I talked more about the people that dressed like it was summer instead of a rainy and in the 40’s. I got cold just watching them. Luckily Mel and I are the same, we even got cold at the same time.

• We listen to music differently, Mel likes to listen and enjoy the music. I like to get my rock fingers out, wave my hands around and jump around a little. Opposites attract!!!

• Leaving Sunday night I got busted in the lip. I wish I had a cool story to go with it, like getting punched defending my girls honor. Nope just some jackass in front of me as we were walking out just stopped, turned around to walk in the other direction and hit my mouth with his head.

• Got to see Mel’s mom, her moms BFF and Harry on Sunday. It’s always a pleasure to see them, very cool people.

• We watched the Butterfly Effect, my first time. That is one trippy movie.

This weekend was one of the best weekends we’ve had together, I was looking at her the way I did when we first met…it’s the best feeling!!!

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