Truth or Consequences

• That was a game show when I was a kid with Bob Barker (pre Price is Right)

• It’s hard being a Mariners fan, I hold out hope but the truth is they just aren’t that good.

• I often wonder what life would be like if I never moved to Texas and being back home with family and friends.

• Truth is I’m not there, I’m hear but for how much longer.

• The weather blows, Mother Nature must be having a shark year.

• The news last night was saying its to early to say if the Boston Bomber will get the death penalty. I really don’t see how he can get anything but the death penalty. The world will be a better place without that piece if shit on it.

• It’s haircut week, need to decide if I keep the hair growing or cut it off.

  1. peejaymc said: There’s always Guantanamo.
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