Mel’s Birthday

Mel’s birthday is coming up and one of the things I wanted to do was get her some new clothes for her birthday. I had two choices…one I could pick out clothes myself or take her shopping. I have a pretty good idea what she likes and have no doubt I could pick out clothes she would like but sizes vary so much that she’d probably have to return a few of them so I decided to take her shopping. Saturday we ventured out to the mall and about half way through I was getting discouraged because she couldn’t find anything. We started to go into shops she’s never been in and started having some luck, then we went into The Loft. I’m pretty sure this store was made for Mel. So many cool things we found in this store. She tried on 4 dresses that looked amazing on her, she asked me which ones I liked the best…well I liked all 4 the best. She told me she couldn’t get all 4, it was to much. To me it wasn’t enough, she’s sacrificed so much in her life that she deserves to be spoiled a little, especially on her birthday. It was so much fun shopping with her, I’m glad we went together. No I can’t wait to see her in the dresses 8)

  1. tinkerbellrun said: You’re a keeper for sure! Btw, my B-day’s coming up too :D
  2. crossmyheartxkissmyelbow said: Very sweet of you.
  3. nicknameless said: You are an amazing boyfriend! And I am positive Mel looks amazing in Loft dresses!
  4. brittaeileen said: You’s a good man! Glad she got a good spoiling.
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