Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is my dads birthday.

When I was little my dad, his brother and grandpa had a family business…they were rock crushers and made gravel. They would go out into the forest, dig into the earth, make a pit and then turn the boulders into gravel. They had bulldozers, loaders, dump trucks, semi trucks and a rock crusher. I remember my dad taking me to work with him, we’d start at the local coffee shop meeting the gang and then driving out to the location. I’d get to sit on my dads lap while he drove all the equipment all day, it was the best and he was my idol.

Then one day I was told dad and mom were getting a divorce, it was a time when divorce wasn’t really happening and it was a new adjustment. The days of going to work with him were over, didn’t really hang out or see him much as I was growing up. Then when I got older I decided it was time to reconnect and make him a part of my life again. My fondest memory of him was going to work as a kid. My best moment as an adult was the day he said “I love you” My dad grew up in a time when dads worked and provided for the family, mushy words just weren’t said. I would always tell him I loved him and he’d always reply with “me too” but I knew he loved that was the way he told me until that day he actually said the words.

He’s just a normal dad, but he’s my dad and I love him very much…Happy Birthday Dad, I love you.

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