To Be Continued…

3 words I hated seeing when watching TV when I was growing up. The bad part was when one show started doing it then they all did, they figured out how to suck us all in to the next week.

I don’t see it much now but I was watching a CSI episode and at the end it was…To be continued! Ha thank you DVR and I have the last season and a half recorded. So to be continued lasted a minute and not a week.

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  1. sparkgrrl658 said: i remember once there was a stephen king movie on tv when i was at a friend’s house & her dad let us watch it - something my mom never would have allowed! of course…TO BE CONTINUED! never saw the end. i was so mad!
  2. aroseblossoming said: Dad hates that. If we know a show is going to be 2 parts, we leave it on the DVR and he won’t watch the 1st one until we have the 2nd one.
  3. burningspy said: Hopefully it wasn’t the episode of csi that was “to be continued” in an episode of csi: new york a few weeks ago. Unless you do, in fact, dvr both of them.
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