I haven’t been working out on Monday mornings cause the new gym I go to doesn’t open until 5am on Mondays (then 24 hours the rest of the week) this morning I decided to get up and go to my old gym and had the best workout I’ve had in awhile…I needed to start my week this way.

Finished Breaking Bad over the weekend, it was a great series but I was sad to see Hank die.

I need to make decisions this week abut my situation, not easy decisions. I’m going to make the decisions on what’s best for me.

After last week it seems my eyes have opened and I see things so differently.

Waiting for pizza.

Waiting for pizza.

Throwback Thursday, this is my ex and me at her company Christmas party in 1991.

Throwback Thursday, this is my ex and me at her company Christmas party in 1991.

How I Met Your Mother

I have watched this show off an on and I have always enjoyed watching it. Tonight I watched the final episode and I really liked how it ended (It covered all of my emotions) It also let me know that even though things aren’t going that great right now that there is hope for my future. 

Back to the Grind

Working full days is for the birds, why can’t work days be 4 hours…

Still missing Reece, I always have an emptiness when he’s not here and when he leaves I really feel that emptiness for a few days.

I haven’t had a drink since Saturday, haven’t craved a drink and I haven’t missed it. I don’t want to stop drinking completely but at least during the week. I just felt I was starting to drink more and more and wanted to do something before it got out of control.

Seattle Mariners are 3-0 and first place!!!

Reece is on his way home

He should be landing around 10, i’ll stay up until I hear he is back safely. 

I always love our visits, makes me feel like a real dad.

Now life will go back to normal…I wish. It’s decision time.


The answer to your question is no.

At the airport

At the airport

Pulled pork nachos, it’s tradition.

Pulled pork nachos, it’s tradition.

Tuesday Truth

Life is hard

I may not make the smartest decisions in my life but they are decisions I’ve made, chances I’ve taken and don’t regret them. I realize they all can’t have happy endings but a few would be nice.